Best Apple Watch Apps in 2020

Best Apple Watch Apps in 2020

Best apple watch apps have been kicking around for several years now and the apps available for it are plentiful, to say the least – especially now it has its own App Store. Of course, not all the apps square measure nice, helpful or may be suited to the Apple Watch however there square measure some that square measure merely sensible. These square measure the simplest Apple Watch apps we’ve bumped into – those that hold their own on the smaller screen.. Best Apple Watch Apps in 2020 useful, rather than just another gadget.

Best Apple Watch Apps in 2020


Best apple watch apps for social media


Best apple watch apps for social media


1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook might not be available for Apple Watch but Messenger is so you can get access to all your Facebook Messenger chats. You’ll be able to reply with stickers, or a voice recording or a pre-written message so you can stay in touch without having to get your phone out at all.

2. Twitter

Chirp for Twitter is pretty much the only way you’ll be using Twitter on your Apple Watch. The app permits you to browse your timeline, lists, like and retweet things. Best Apple Watch Apps in 2020


Best apple watch apps for watch games


Best apple watch apps for watch games


1. Snappy Word:

Snappy Word may be a heap like Letter Zap however with a less complicated interface and solely four letters at a time. Play to make as many words as you may in thirty seconds or develop your phone and play a similar suggests that or play until you.

2. Tiny Armies

Wrist-based conquest has never been so fun. Tiny Armies is a fast-paced game that makes you swipe to move your units and take over your enemy’s territory. You’ll encounter lakes, mountains, and forests as obstacles, and gameplay is in quick bouts, perfect for the Apple Watch.

3. Letter Zap:

I love word games, and if you love word games too, then you’ll dig Letter Zap. It’s a quick time-waster that you can play in short bursts. All you’re trying to do is make a word out of the given letters, of which there will be three to six.


Best apple watch apps for health and fitness


Best apple watch apps for health and fitness


1. Apple Watch EKG

EKG or ECG. There are electrodes on the back of the watch and in the watch’s digital crown. By pressing your finger to the crown while the watch is attached to your wrist, the watch will measure your heart’s electrical pulses.

2. Sleep tracking

Despite being one of the most robust smartwatches and fitness trackers, the Apple Watch isn’t really designed for sleep tracking. Partially, that’s because the battery life isn’t long enough for all day and all night.

3. Workout tracking

Whether you run, walk, swim, row, hike or do yoga, the Apple Watch can track your exercise sessions and show stats in real-time. For most workouts that means showing you the time elapsed, distance traveled, pace, heart rate, and calories burned.

4. Activity tracking

Move ring: The red outer ring tracks your active calories burned on a daily basis. Exercise ring: This green ring tracks any exercise you do each day.


Best apple watch apps for information


Best apple watch apps for information


1. Weather

There square measure varied apps you’ll transfer for the Apple Watch once it involves we tend together however we found the native Apple weather app was absolutely adequate at providing fast. For each place you’ve got wind of on the iPhone, the Apple Watch weather app can show you the hourly expected outlook. It’s easy to read and understand and it’s quick to access. Best Apple Watch Apps in 2020

2. WeatherBug

WeatherBug could be a renowned Apple Watch weather app famous to supply unflawed and updated weather forecasts. The ever-changing conditions of the atmosphere are predicted in this app as much as 10 to 15 days in advance so that you can plan your month. There are also spark lightning alerts given by this app, which can be extremely useful and even save your life.

3. Dark Sky

Dark Sky is one of the utmost weather apps for your Apple watch. It has great foresight and will provide you with accurate weather from the next day to the entire week. It uses GPRS to give the exact weather report of your present location, offering updates minute by minute.

4. Final Thoughts

So these are the top 10 weather apps for your Apple Watch that will help you stay completely up to date with the weather conditions. All of these apps are extremely crucial for planning and also for your personal well being, so make sure you get them from the apple store as soon as you can, for these apps will help you quite a lot in your daily life. If you have any questions or other suggestions, welcome to leave a comment below. Best Apple Watch Apps in 2020


Best apple watch apps for productivity


Best apple watch apps for productivity

1. Trello

You can create boards of cards and can use them solo or invite colleagues, friends, and family to work together. As you have this wearable device, you can accomplish your tasks while you are on the go.


With the support of over 6,00 apps including Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, Twitch, Weather Underground, Instagram, Gmail, IFTTT helps you control your favorite apps not just faster but also more efficiently.

3. Noted

Noted are associate degree recording and note-taking app that permits you to record directly from your Apple Watch. You can start recording with one tap, pause the recording and add a Time Tag. The Time Tag feature is brilliant for pinpointing the more exciting parts of a recording so you can access it quickly later on your iPhone.

4. Pacemaker

Pacemaker may be a terribly basic DJ app that makes music mixes mechanically from your iPhone and so permits you to feature effects via four predetermined choices on your watch. Effects include distorting the music, making it sound like it is underwater, and smashing up the music.


Best apple watch apps for travel


Best apple watch apps for travel


1. British Airways

If you fly a lot with British Airways, having your flight details on your wrist when at the airport is very handy. The BA Apple Watch app can offer you with gate details.

2. Uber

The Uber Apple Watch app is straightforward however effective. It doesn’t offer as many features as your phone, such as fare estimates, but it will allow you to request an Uber from your wrist without touching your phone. Best Apple Watch Apps in 2020

3. Apple Maps

Apple Maps does not have the simplest name however this app works well on the Apple Watch. You can ask Siri to direct you to a location using your Watch and the Apple Maps app will open, find the location and give you the option to press start. Best Apple Watch Apps in 2020

4. TripIt: Travel Planner

You need an app on your Apple Watch to plan your trip. When you book a flight, hotel or car, you can add all those details to this app and plan the trip accordingly. The app can generate a map that supported your trip.


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